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She lies down on her bed and thinks about her life and how everything is going great, her 16th birthday is a week away, she has a loving boyfriend who she loves very much , their third month anniversary is also a week away and school is going great. What else could she ask for?
She calls him up and asks him if he would like to hang out today. He seems different, he says he’ll call her right back, but the sound of his voice says another story. Something is wrong, he is very short with her and his voice is very cold and distant.
After an hour passes, he still hasn’t called her back, so she waits another hour and when he still hasn’t called her back, she calls him and asks him what’s going on, why didn’t he call her back. He didn’t say anything; he just told her that he thinks they should break up, when she asks him why, he says that he doesn’t like how she and her mom argues, she tries to explain that its nothing serious, its just a little spat, all parents and children always argue. He just says, sorry, he just doesn’t like it. Before they hang up she says thanks for the great birthday gift and hangs up and runs up to her room and starts crying.
She hears her phone ringing, she looks to see who it is and it’s him. She doesn’t answer it, after he calls her three more times, she hears that someone has IMed her. She looks to see who it’s from, it’s from him, and it says that he is sorry about this especially seems it’s so close to her birthday and that he will send her a card. She IMs him back saying don’t bother, you already broke my heart. She puts her away message up, it says, heartbroken for the second time, can’t deal with this pain again; never letting another guy close to my heart again, not until I know for sure that he won’t break it.
She lies back down on her bed and cries. She turns on the radio, to try to get him off of her mind, but as soon as she turns on the radio, there song comes on “Nobody but Me” by Blake Shelton. She cries even harder. She misses him so much; she thought that he was one of the good ones.
She let him get so close to her heart more than she let any other guy and he took her heart and ripped it to shreds. Now, she is sitting in her room, crying, her heart is breaking. She can’t believe he would do this.
She doesn’t know what she’s going to do. There’s no one she can go to. Her friends don’t care about her, they lie straight to her face, and they always talk about her behind her back and there only nice to her when they need something from her and she’s sick and tired of it. She realizes that she has nothing to live for, every bodies lives would be better with out her. Her parents wouldn’t have arguments about or over her. They even say that when she is out for the night, everything is peaceful and quiet. She knows that no one will care that she’s gone, she’s invisible.
She writes three notes, one to her family, one to her friends, and one to him. After she is done writing them, she heads downstairs. She heads to the kitchen; she grabs a knife and heads back up to her room. She starts to cry, she can’t stand the pain in her heart.
She holds the knife to her heart, before she stabs herself, she says I’m sorry and I’ll always love you. She stabs herself, she’s bleeding fast and she passes out.
When her parents come home, they call her name, no answer, they look all over, finally they check her room, and they find her lying on the floor, in a pool of her own blood. They start crying and call 911. She is rushed to the hospital, but the time they got there she was already died. The doctor says she was dead, before her parents even came home. They leave the hospital in tears; they don’t understand why she wanted to kill herself.
When they arrived home, they find the notes she wrote. When they read theirs they start to cry even harder. They call all of her friends and him.
Her friends can’t believe that she would kill herself; they don’t even know why she would do that. He can’t believe she killed herself and when he reads his letter, he can’t believe it. He didn’t know that he had hurt her that bad.
Now, he goes on with his life, but he always thinks about her. Now, about a month after her death, he realized that she was the one for him.

AN: Some of this is true, base on what happened to me and the feelings I had during this rough time.

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There's this guy, we dated for a little bit my sophmore year and his senior year. Well after we broke up cause we could see each other only on sunday cause he didnt tell his aunt and uncle about me cause they didnt allow him to date. Anyway, after I broke up with my last boyfriend who was a asshole (the one i saw at my homecoming), him and I started to talk alot more, and I started to have feelings for him at first I thought it was just cause I was on rebound, but after a couple months I realized that I wasn't. I really did care about him, but I dont think he has feelings for me and he says he isn't looking for a realtionship. For some reason, I let him close to my heart, I never let anyone close to my heart, cause it always ends up broken. I only let 2 guys in and they broke it. So I never let anyone close, but I let him get close for some reason and I didn't even mean to. Well, after a couple months of talking I told him that I still had feelings for him. He didn't know what to say, but he invited me to his party he was having. Well my mom said I could, well I brought my sister Angela and her boyfriend Joe. Well, after being there for a while, and we both drank alot, but anyways I kissed him, he kissed me back, we started to make out and then it lead to other things,but then my mom called me and said that she was here to pick us up.
Well, after that night, me and him started to talk more than we did before. Saying that we need to hang out soon and everything else along those lines. Well, he always said that he wasn't looking for a realtionship, but I hoped that would change and we could have another chance. But I guess he didn't feel the same way. Then on New Years of 2007 came and there was this kid that my friend Angela knew, and she trying to hook us up even though I don't like him, well he asked me out and at first I thought it was great cause I could rub it in his face but soon after I told him, it turns out that he has a girlfriend. I was heartbroken again. Well, I told that kid that I was "dating" that I don't really want to date right now, which is kinda true and kinda not, but this kid is really nice and sweet, but he's not my type of guy.
So know, I don't know what to do I can't seem to get him out of my mind and its driving me crazy and now, he isn't even talkin to me for no reason.


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On saturday was my homecoming, I was going with my best friend who is like a sister to me, and when I got there I'd started to hang out with my other friends too. Until my best friend asked my if that was my ex boyfriend. I was like that cant be cause he doesnt even go to my school. So,i look over to where she was pointing to and sure enough there he was. I was soo shocked. I walked over to him and tapped him and asked him why was he here, he just looked at me and gave me a nasty look and turned his head. I walked back to my friends and I screamed FUCKING ASSHOLE, loud enough for him to here me. When I got to where my friends were they asked me if I was ok, I said yea but it teared me up inside to see him cause he broke my heart and he had really no reason to be there. He wasnt dating anyone, I saw him a couple times after that and all he did was stand there like a bump on a long.

Later on, i totally forgot about him, a couple times i remember him, but most the time i was dancing and having fun with my friends and then this guy came up and danced with me and my friends i saw someone from the corner of my eye and when i turned i saw it was ex-boyfriend and as soon as he saw me he turned around and walked a way.

To make it worse, when it was time to leave i went to get my shoes, i couldnt find them, it turned out that someone stole them. I was freakin pissed off.

so my night was good but also fuckin sucked at the same time

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